How to Graphic Designers Make Passive Income

How to Graphic Designers Make Passive Income

How to Graphic Designers Make Passive Income

Hey mister! how are you thinking about you You must be a graphic designer. Every designer has a dream to earn a good amount of income every month by doing graphics work. It can be in various ways, that is: online order taking, remote job, designing in printing press work, earning money from clients by marketing, joining marketplace, graphic design, etc. You can ensure income.

There are many online job websites through which you can directly settle your salary with the buyer very easily. In this case, the websites mentioned are,, and etc. These sites are currently very popular for freelancing work. A designer can get many jobs from these websites, through which one can earn 30,000 – 40,000 thousand very easily. Although this income will increase or decrease depending on how you work.

Also you can earn money by doing remote jobs in many companies in the country and abroad. Many also do freelancing in addition to their jobs.

How to Graphic Designers Make Passive Income?

Many of us have this idea about passive income. Even so, let’s say a little, if you upload some designs to the microstock sites, then the designs you have made will continue to be sold to people throughout the year and it will be a passive income. Basically once designed and sold throughout the year the income is called passive income.

How to make passive income with design?

Currently, there are many customers who are looking for ready-made designs, they search for such designs, then if your design comes up in the search, they will buy it. And from there, if 50 customers buy a $10 design, imagine how much you can earn, that’s lifetime.

There are certain websites online where such designs are available. Different customers come and download their required designs from the website.
Now the question may come to your mind if you download from the website, what is your benefit! Yes, you have profit. Customers or visitors usually buy their designs in two ways, some may buy for one time and others buy monthly or yearly designs so that they can download as many designs as they want.

Basically, a designer here gets their money through the website. When a designer uploads a design there with a price, then a customer pays the fixed price online. Then the website saves them a marketing hassle and pays the remaining money to the designer’s account.

Some of the popular marketplaces for passive income

There are several marketplaces for passive income online. But not all marketplaces are the same. So I am discussing some of the best online marketplaces below-

Adobe stock:

This is one of the famous marketplace. If you maintain the quality of this website and upload designs regularly on their website, it will give good output in a short time. One designer per download on this website. Gets from 0.33 $ to 5 $.


The system of this marketplace is better than other marketplaces, so the amount of downloads here is high. If you have a good quality photo collection, you can earn money by uploading them here. Generally, you can earn from 5 $ to 50 $ per download in this marketplace. . Although this marketplace is more focused on photos, designs can also be uploaded here, for which you can earn from 0.10$ to 0.45$ per download.

Freepik :

This website is very popular nowadays for good downloads. If you are smart and do your marketing on social media then you can upload designs here and earn good income in very short time.

PNG Tree :

This marketplace is a high profile marketplace. One design can be uploaded to 3 marketplaces at once but this marketplace is different. The design you upload on PNG Tree marketplace cannot be uploaded to any other website. Unique design is on this website. Available. This place pays 50$ for 1000 downloads.

Alamy :

This marketplace gives above % commission. About 40% – 50% commission on packages they give you star. But minimum 50$ you can withdraw money. This is a UK website.
Creative Market: This is one of the popular marketplaces. Front, graphics, illustration, makeup, stock photography, web themes, etc. products can be sold here to earn income. In this marketplace, you can pay the price of your design yourself. Apart from these, Exclusive, Non-exclusive are available in many other marketplaces.

Can newbies make passive income?

See, you don’t need to be new or old to make passive income. There are many experienced designers who are not able to make good income due to lack of technical knowledge. So basically freelancing or passive income, whatever you want to do, you must learn and know creative design.

Ultimately, the bottom line is that graphics design is in high demand these days. This platform is not suitable for jobs, freelancing or passive income. You can earn money by working on and off the job. So without turning back, I want to say straight Suzy, don’t waste time and learn to build your career on this platform from today. Insha’Allah! Success will come.

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